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Moore Land & Livestock Beef

Raw Beef with Herbs and Spices

Buy ranch direct

We raise happy calves that roam thousands of acres in the Colorado rockies munching on natural grasslands.  We finish our beef with grain so that your steaks are marbled to perfection.

Our price for beef is $5.50 per pound hanging weight (meat and bone combined).  We sell in 1/4 beef, 1/2 beef and full beef increments.  Hanging weights per animal vary from approximately 850-1000 pounds.

Single packages of hamburger, roasts and steaks are often available for sale at The bakery at 336 Main St., Guffey, CO 80820.

All meats are vacuum sealed so that you can see the prime marbling in the steaks. 

Pick up of 1/4, 1/2 and full beefs are scheduled and must be picked up at the bakery on the date and time scheduled.


Call now for our next available beef delivery

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